About Us



Beauty is our birthright. 

We seek it, we see it, we love it, we find immense joy in it.

We respond instinctively to beauty – to color, texture, symmetry, proportions, depth, and we are naturally drawn towards that which we find pleasing to our senses. 

The world is beautiful. YOU are beautiful. 

Ever see yourself smiling?

Ever had a day where you felt nothing could go wrong?

Ever felt that you were looking in the mirror just a little longer, because you knew you were looking prettier than usual?

At Saahiba, with the stuff we lovingly create, we want this to happen every day.

In our own humble way, we offer to adorn your beauty.

Only because we know you want to look beautiful, feel beautiful.

Pretty. Lovely.

And you already are all of that. 

Yet, the heart seeks more.

And it should seek more. After all, beauty is our birthright.

Saahiba obsesses over quality, about exclusivity, about aesthetics.

We go to great lengths to find for you fabrics that will look great and feel great. 

For instance, we source some of our fabrics from artisans of India, who have perfected their indigenous process of creating these fabrics over generations. 

And it shows. 

It shows in the way these fabrics drape, in their radiance and durability, in their sheen and brilliance.

And then we get to work designing effortless beauty for you. 

You know... that elegant, understated, classy person that you are?

Our clothes are just like you.

And all this labor of love, from us to you...the Saahiba.